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 A werewolf-like beast is said to haunt the dense forests in the small town of Burns TN. Reports of this monstrous creature date back to the late 1800s, and some sightings have proved to be fatal. 

 Deep Inside one of America's most beloved parks lurks a horrific creature. A beast that has been stalking the dense forests of Kentucky for over 100 years. 

 An ancient tradition of mountain magic that was a part of Appalachian culture is gradually dying out. Over the years this interesting piece of southern history has been handed down from family member to family member. And it is through these historical reports that we present you the Granny Witches of Appalachia. 

 If you had been traveling through the dark roads of Ashland City TN on the same night as our witness Wanda, then perhaps you would have also bore witness to the same beast that she did. Wanda beheld a large sasquatch crossing the quiet TN roads with a dead deer thrown across its shoulder. Enjoy this remake of one of our earlier Nightmare Nuggets! 

 During the early 2000s, a family was terrorized by a malignant creature in Ashland City TN. The family was plagued with frightful encounters of what they described as a sasquatch. Enjoy this remake of an earlier Nightmare Nugget! 

 Does a werewolf stalk the mountains of East TN? One woman claims that she seen something that could only be described as one of these mysterious lycanthropic beasts, one late night in Dayton TN. 

 A unknown beast is haunting the roads at Shipley Hollow TN. A mysterious monster has been stalking and terrorizing individuals foolish enough to travel through that desolate stretch of road after darkness falls. A creature that has come to be known as the Pitty Pat, due to the sound of its footfalls against the pavement as it bears down on you. This is the story of Pitty Pat Holler, and the remake of one of our earlier videos.