Sounds and recordings

Sounds of the White Bluff Screamer?

Our friend and fellow researcher Jason Acy captured these roars in an area nearby White Bluff TN, home of the White Bluff Screamer.

Roars in Bigfoot Research Area

This was captured by the property owners of our personal research location. The creature captured was roaring back and forth at the owner's barking dog. 

Howling in Bigfoot Research Area

Howling captured on an audio recorder that was left out throughout the night. We have been told by different prominent researchers that it is a bigfoot, and others say that it comes from a dogman, however we cannot fully say. 

Whoops in Research Area

Whoops that were captured while sitting around a campfire. 

More Whoops in Research Area

This whoop was captured on a voice recorder that was left out over night.