Grave robbers


Grave Robbers are a small critter almost lost to history:

they are an animal allegedly sighted by many people in the Appalachian community. Not much is known about them as most tales have been handed down from oral family tradition. They are described as a mix between an anteater, and a weasel. They dig down into the graves of the recently dead and presumably devour the corpse. This is the reason why many grave yards have small grave houses or coverings erected over the top of the grave, to protect it from the grave robber. 

One quote from Thomas Clark's 1941 book "The Kentucky" says: 

“a faithful servant of the community, was consigned to the earthly bosom of the hill country a grave house was erected over the mound. These little houses protected the grave from both the elements and that fiendish ghoul, the “grave robber.” Many Kentucky mountain people still believe that there is an animal, resembling, so it is said, a cross between a slender weasel and an anteater. This thieving varmint, according to highland legend, digs into the grave and destroys the body. Likewise, the grave house is a mark of profound respect and enduring love.” The Kentucky, Thomas D. Clark.