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Nightmare Nuggets on YouTube


Check out our miniature documentaries on YouTube called Nightmare Nuggets. We report on anything in the field of cryptozoology, and have even reported on local paranormal cases, though we do not investigate into the supernatural.  Our studies take us all the way to werewolves seen in the mountains of Appalachia, to reports of violent sasquatch creatures seen and reported by state officials.  

Blog Talk Radio


 Cryptid Studies Institute has a thought provoking radio show dedicated to bringing you high quality and truthful information in the field of fringe studies whether it be in the arena of, Cryptids, the paranormal, history's mysteries, religion, black science or many other things. If it is strange, if it is bizarre, or down right freaky we have probably got you covered, Cryptid Studies Institute is sometimes shocking, sometimes controversial, but always informed and on the edge.  



We are dedicated to bringing you the latest and most up to date information on cryptozoology. This field of science is defined as the study of hidden animals, and involves the research of sasquatch, dogman, dinosaurs that are still living, and even mountain lions that are seen in states where they are not supposed to be living.