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 Cryptid Studies Institute is a thought provoking radio show dedicated to bringing you high quality and truthful information in the field of fringe studies whether it be in the arena of, Cryptids, the paranormal, history's mysteries, religion, black science or many other things. If it is strange, if it is bizarre, or down right freaky we have probably got you covered, Cryptid Studies Institute is sometimes shocking, sometimes controversial, but always informed and on the edge. If you have had an encounter and would like to become a guest then please contact us! 



Cryptozoology is the study of undiscovered or hidden animals. "Crypto" meaning hidden, and "zoology" being the study of animals. This legitimate branch of fringe science is a true passion of ours, and we will strive to bring you the best information, and evidence as humanly possible; pulling together modern information, as well as historical, and archaeological.